10 February 2016

KE's rush night is this evening from 6pm-8pm. I have that Christmas Eve feeling where you are so excited you almost feel nauseous. You know when you're so amped about something, or someone, that you have that feeling of static electricity running through your fingers? It's funny to have that feeling over an event, and one that really hasn't been that much set up for me (as compared to Mr. Pharmacy for example). This has been on the shoulders of our new member coordinators. 

One of my favorite things about our chapter is that we are small and incredibly tight-knit. I like everybody in Alpha Chi and am sad that we are going to lose our P3s at the end of the year. So tonight gives us a chance to attract new Brothers. Granted, this is somewhat of a year long process as I've been meeting potential pledges since mid-August. But now the day of truth has arrived and we find out who could potentially be our pledges, as in order to be eligible they must attend the event tonight. There are so many people that I have become friends with, who I will remain friends with whether they decide to Rush or not, but this just gives us ample opportunity to do service together and create some bonds through socials and philanthropy that we otherwise would not have gotten.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, KE is my favorite part of pharmacy school. Everyone in the fraternity represents what I think a pharmacist should be: caring, inclusive, in the field because they care about patients. I really would like to see our chapter grow and succeed as I think we have a lot to offer. 

So, we'll find out at the end of the week where we stand with members for next year. And while one of our biggest advantages is being small (with no politics or cliques) it is also a cause to worry at this time of year because we rely on new blood to carry the essence of KE onward. Thinking positive thoughts though because I know what a great crew KE has and I believe that good people attract good people. 

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