Ups & Downs and Living Life

06 February 2016

Grad school is a bunch of ups and downs. You will be on an emotional high one day and then dying from stress and anxiety the next day. My friend pointed out yesterday that we've only been back at school for under a month. That feels impossible. So many things have happened since winter break that I feel like we must be nearing finals. Nope! Not even close. 

Let's just use yesterday as an example here:
  • I walked into school at 9am and happened to run into one of my friends and chatted with him for a bit
  • I went to the library and buckled down to study
  • Had an MTM meeting at 11am
  • A capstone meeting at 12
  • Lunch with my girlfriends
  • An ICARE class from 1-3
  • Went shopping with Demi
  • Had dinner out 
  • Went to my best friend's gender reveal
  • Came home and chatted with my Brothers about their time at the Round Robin in Ashburn.
All in one day. Meanwhile everyone in my class is in this weird limbo about grades because the average grade on an exam we took the previous day was a failing grade. After a certain amount of time you just learn to roll with the punches.

But that was all in one day. And I cannot stress the tension that is looming in your life after a failing grade (which ended up getting a curve as big as our law exam). Granted, we knew our scores would go up because some questions were keyed incorrectly, but it is incredibly stressful in the intermittent time. 

Each day has that many highs and lows and then add up all the days in a week, followed by how many weeks into the semester we are. Then of course life moves on: two of my best friends are pregnant, game nights, events downtown, dinners, and Rush are all happening.

Life is exciting. It's stressful, but my days are so jam-packed that I know I'm going to look back and feel like I really lived. And that is an incredible feeling. 

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