Warmth in February

20 February 2016

It's a Saturday in mid-February and I feel so lucky that Odin and I got to take advantage of some 60 degree weather today. We headed to Lake Saint Clair to have some fun since we've been stuck inside with the snow and ice; you can see in the picture that the lake is still quite frozen. The ground was soggy and muddy, but we had a plan: we would walk around the entire lake! The circle is 3 miles in total so we walked (up and down many hills) and enjoyed the sunshine. Throughout the walk I was losing articles of clothing due to the warmth, a scarf here, a jacket there... Before halfway I was down to jeans and a tank top. We saw many families out enjoying the weather including a trio who jumped in a canoe to try to break through the ice with minimal success. It had been a little bit since Odin and I got such a top quality walk in together and I'm looking forward to hiking with him more as it gets warmer around here. 

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