04 May 2016


Oh me? Yeah, I'm still alive.

It was a rough couple of months, but somehow I made it out to the other side. 

Something about having exams every five days or less for four months straight just takes it out of a girl, you know? Even after an intense finals week the battle wasn't over, we had capstones Monday and Tuesday of this week too. I have a feeling I'll look back at this space in a few years time and wish I would have written more. You only get to experience each day once and it's probably worth recording, but I swear my personal life flew out the window sometime back in mid-January. So... let's play catch up. I'll try to think back on some big points from this semester.
  • Noah and I flew to Des Moines
  • I visited Richmond
  • My GPA came up (whoop whoop)
  • I rediscovered my love of biking after getting fed up with how not bike-friendly this city is
  • I got a Little
I seriously feel like that is almost all of what has happened. I've barely been able to see my friends, which has been especially hard with Sam being pregnant because I am so excited for Malakai to arrive in July. For right now I'm trying to stomp down baby fever myself because of graduate school and content myself with my fur babies. 

Hopefully a summer progresses I'll be checking in a bit more. I have some goals for my career over this summer, but mostly it's going to be about me. It's the last time I'll have off like this in my life and I want to set myself up for success by being refreshed when I go back. 

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