Taking Time

27 May 2016

In my time off from volunteering I've been doing little projects here and there. Most recently it's been school/organization related tasks, but also some house ones scattered in between. Today is a Friday though and Noah only has one week left of classes before he's off for the summer, so my plan is to do a thorough cleaning process on our house. There are more exciting projects (like painting!), but I need to get this little jobs out of the way first.

After we finish with our house we plan to spend the weekend at the lake. Noah and I spend more time at the lake house than anyone else in the family and we want to contribute to the homey feel. We're prepared to clean out all the boats, powerwash the deck, and get the campfire pit all cleaned out. It will be an "unplugged" weekend. We'll have phones with us for safety purposes, but I don't plan on checking in with technology while we stay at the lake. I'm ready to clean and be present with my family and nature. It's been a long time.

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