Days Past

30 July 2016

I went over to my dad's recently to get copies of just a few family photos. Lately I've decided I'd like to slowly work on a family history for my family and Noah's. The challenge is getting other people to participate and share stories. I realized as he and I browsed through photos that I haven't thought about my mom in a while. I remember when the pain was fresh and I thought about her multiple times a day. All these years later and it seems I've put a sort of mental barrier in place to protect myself. There are times that thoughts skim the surface, but I tend to just smile and think "I had a great mom" and then let the thoughts roll past. 

Now that my best friend is a mom and I think about becoming one in the (hopefully not too far away) future I find myself thinking of mom more. She would have loved to be a grandma. If anyone reads this and needs comfort in the loss of her mother.... I would definitely recommend Motherless Daughters. I warn you that I still haven't gotten through it because the anecdotes and feelings from the author and countless women who have written in to her speak so truly. But if you're ready for one of those "good cries" then this book can help you put words to feelings about your loss that maybe you hadn't been able to say before. 

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