The Words You Need to Hear

11 September 2016

It's okay to not know what's coming next. I know it's so hard to give up control and let life carry you along, but in some areas, there's no helping it. Things will work out for you as long as you work hard and carry kindness in your soul. 

You will be an incredible mother one day. It takes time to get there and it's okay to feel pulled in two directions. If you have children you can still pursue a professional career. It feels like you will receive judgement for choosing to be a mom when you are in graduate school, residency, or early years of your profession but only you know what is right for you and your family. And you should be honest with people because, really, wouldn't you want to work with people who see you as a person? I want to surround myself with people who value me as a human being with motivation and dreams. Along that same line, if it takes longer than you want that is okay too. Just because you lost your mom so young doesn't mean your children will lose you in the same way. 

It's okay to be honest about what you want in life. I know it's scary to tell people what you want because if you fall short it feels like people will judge you or shake their head, but all you can do is try. If you don't aim for your dreams there's no chance you'll achieve them. 

You are still you. Some days it doesn't feel like it. Some days it doesn't feel like you're a person at all but rather some sort of being that just exists to push through daily routines. This won't last forever. Take the time to find your spirit - that is who you are. You are someone who cares for others, wants the world to be a better place, and who fights for people when they are down. You see the best in others and try your hardest. Don't let the challenges or tediousness of certain days take that away from you. 

You are strong and you are smart. It seems impossible to not let your confidence waver when you go through a difficult time, but sometimes life just throws punches your way. Get back up and keep moving forward because it's how you'll improve. You can do this.

One day, in the not-so-distant future you will be a compassionate and caring pharmacist. You will make your patients lives better by listening to them and counseling on the the best therapy for them. You will be good at it. Don't doubt yourself.

Life is a path made up of a variety of choices. You get to dictate that path. 

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