Kelsey's Wedding

10 October 2016

This weekend was spent in Richmond, Virginia celebrating my sister and her marriage to her long-term boyfriend Ryan. It feels like I've known Ryan forever and I am very excited to officially be able to call him family. He is so kind to Kelsey and they are such a good match for one another. 

Noah and I were lucky enough to stay with his Aunt for the weekend (in the fan district) and travel back and forth to the venue. They were married at a beautiful Country Club venue which also offered room for the reception afterwards. Due to rain over the course of the weekend the ceremony was moved indoors, but with the beautiful venue this was of little concern. 

The ladies were getting ready in a back room from 11:30 onwards with a professional hair stylist and make up artist, all while wearing lavender-colored robes. This combo was our bridesmaid gift and it was a great idea! We took turns getting ready, ate Jimmy Johns for lunch, played some Heads Up, and chatted until it was time for pre-ceremony pictures. 

The ceremony went smoothly and they exchanged rings, vows, and a kiss. The reception was a lot of fun too with good food, an open bar, toasts, and dancing. I was so busy dancing I didn't even get a slice of cake until the end of the night when the bridal party was packing up! 

It was a great way to celebrate their many previous and upcoming years of partnership. It makes me so happy to know my sister has such a great husband! I'm looking forward to seeing their many future adventures together. 

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