Soul Friends

19 October 2016

In life I think you get lucky by meeting a handful of friends that just get you. Allison is definitely one of those friends for me. She has an infectious positivity that radiates off of her. One of the most challenging aspects of our friendship is the physical distance between us on any given day. See, Allison is currently a flight attendant and is based in Dubai. She is a world traveler! She has been to so many countries and I love following her experiences on Instagram

Somehow though, when she flies back home she feels like the girl-next-door that you've been friends with for a lifetime! This trip we met in Woodstock for some lattes and to catch up for two hours. My only regret is that we never quite get enough time together. It's hard to believe we've known each other for over four years now... Time is flying and half of that time we have lived in different countries. Yet we come home and always manage to grab some coffee and do some photoshoots. We enjoyed just walking through the streets of Woodstock on a morning before class. We stopped and enjoyed the textures on the different historic buildings and tried to catch some falling leaves. 

It's wonderful how easy it is to fall back into friendships. I'm thankful that we can be apart for so long and then step back into the relationship like we didn't spend any time apart. Each time we meet she instills that love of adventure in me and I leave wanting to be a better person. So I'm going to go out invigorated and with purpose and try to keep that spirit alive.

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