What inspires you?

04 October 2016

What inspires you? 

I find myself moving through day-to-day life wondering where to find inspiration some days. Most days I find myself looking to my friends and loved ones. Other days I find it in nature, harkening back to my younger (and perhaps more appreciative) self. I used to find inspiration in novels and books, some poetry - I still swear by Sermons We See and Donald Miller's A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Just now there is not quite as much time to immerse myself in such things, and thus I turn to people and the world around me.

Seeing people wear their heart on their sleeve. That is inspiring to me. Each day I want to live as openly and honestly as I can. When people share themselves with me I feel so connected. Sometimes I think back to high school or undergrad and I feel like those experiences cropped up much more often. Now it feels like people are either guarded or don't have enough time for introspection to even know what they want to say. 

Mottled sunlight. We've entered those perfect fall days where the morning is chilly and the afternoon warms you with the sun. As I walk Odin around the neighborhood I find myself admiring the sunlight as it streams through the leaves, which are slowly changing colors and brightening (and dulling). 

Dedication. My friends are very driven people. I see their drive for success, their dedication, and their passion and it is an inspiration to me. On days where I feel the swells rising against me I look to their guidance and their stance. I know that as a team we can do anything. Their drive will push me to better myself. 

Love and kindness. I see this in so many places, yet feel that somehow there is a shortage in the world. My husband is kind. He has this positivity about him that I hope to drape myself in. It flows off of him as if his spirit is no effort. All in all I feel quite positive on the whole and I wonder how much of this aspect of myself stems from him, from my friends, and from my parents. Having those people with a light in their soul... we all need to surround ourselves with them. 

There is inspiration abounding if we take the time to look. I think the biggest struggle at some points in our lives is stopping to really take it all in. It used to be a breeze for me to look at the world through rose-colored glasses. It's why I'm so grateful for this blog; I can feel myself in it. I know that soul is still here, it smolders. I just need to give it a little more air. 

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