Las Vegas

11 December 2016

Las Vegas is the City of Sin and I've decided that their biggest sin is blocking the view of the mountains with some tacky buildings. I've always had it in my head that I love traveling and this was perhaps the first trip where I realized I don't love traveling for the sake of traveling. Take me to a national park, to a beautiful lake, or a historic town... but please don't take me back to Las Vegas. I'm sure the city appeals to a lot of people, but it's just not my style. 

The hotels are interesting certainly. Each one has a casino in its lobby. In fact, I stayed at the MGM Grand and I measured it on my phone - it took 0.8 miles to get from my hotel room's door down to the shuttle loading area. They funnel you for nearly a mile past casinos, shops, and restaurants! I'm thankful for some extra steps but sheesh! Plus the entire strip smells like either smoke or scents they pump into the room to cover up smoke. Having had a grandma who smokes I can tell you that the perfumes are essentially the same thing as lighting a vanilla candle in a smokers house; there is zero chance of you covering up the smoky smell you're just adding another scent into the mix. 

Everything, as predicted, was expensive. People tout the food and I have no idea why. The food in my small town is loads better! In fact, the best food I tasted was far and away the sweet potato fries, which were likely just out of a frozen bag. It's as if you're constantly in an amusement park where a slice of pizza costs $7 and the bar for satisfactory food is quite low - the pizza will be cold and your cheese will be congealed with a cardboard crust. 

The best parts of Vegas as a city for me were The Bellagio water show, seeing the interior of The Venetion, and that everything was either walkable or had a shuttle. That's about all I can think of unfortunately. Perhaps it's worth seeing once... but I'm not even sure I can commit to that! For the most part I'm just thankful I got to spend time with my mother-in-law, but our trips to Seattle and Maine blew Las Vegas out of the water! 

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