Weekly Catch Up

25 February 2016

The week started off with a bang! The P2s had an Health Information Technology exam at 8am on Monday morning and I finished off the night with Kappa Epsilon and our pinning ceremony. Since then the week has been a mix of class, meetings, and some intense studying. At this time tomorrow (7:50am) I'll be sitting down to take a pharmacokinetics/pharmacogenomics exam that is worth 40% of my grade. Such high stakes testing is incredibly stressful and I wish we had at least three exams in that class, but it is what it is. I'm about to head to the library for my entire morning because I focus better there and I plan on doing math problem after math problem. 

Warmth in February

20 February 2016

It's a Saturday in mid-February and I feel so lucky that Odin and I got to take advantage of some 60 degree weather today. We headed to Lake Saint Clair to have some fun since we've been stuck inside with the snow and ice; you can see in the picture that the lake is still quite frozen. The ground was soggy and muddy, but we had a plan: we would walk around the entire lake! The circle is 3 miles in total so we walked (up and down many hills) and enjoyed the sunshine. Throughout the walk I was losing articles of clothing due to the warmth, a scarf here, a jacket there... Before halfway I was down to jeans and a tank top. We saw many families out enjoying the weather including a trio who jumped in a canoe to try to break through the ice with minimal success. It had been a little bit since Odin and I got such a top quality walk in together and I'm looking forward to hiking with him more as it gets warmer around here. 

Ever Onward

15 February 2016

I learned about hockey for the first time last night! Demi came over and we watched the Philadelphia Flyers and created some black bean truffles. You might be surprised, but they tasted great! If you like the dark chocolate bitterness you will love these.

I'm hoping we find out our pledges today. Everyone is a little up in the air about our plans for that because school was cancelled due to snow falling and covering the roads. I'm just so tired of waiting and feeling anxious; I'm ready for it to be over!


10 February 2016

KE's rush night is this evening from 6pm-8pm. I have that Christmas Eve feeling where you are so excited you almost feel nauseous. You know when you're so amped about something, or someone, that you have that feeling of static electricity running through your fingers? It's funny to have that feeling over an event, and one that really hasn't been that much set up for me (as compared to Mr. Pharmacy for example). This has been on the shoulders of our new member coordinators. 

One of my favorite things about our chapter is that we are small and incredibly tight-knit. I like everybody in Alpha Chi and am sad that we are going to lose our P3s at the end of the year. So tonight gives us a chance to attract new Brothers. Granted, this is somewhat of a year long process as I've been meeting potential pledges since mid-August. But now the day of truth has arrived and we find out who could potentially be our pledges, as in order to be eligible they must attend the event tonight. There are so many people that I have become friends with, who I will remain friends with whether they decide to Rush or not, but this just gives us ample opportunity to do service together and create some bonds through socials and philanthropy that we otherwise would not have gotten.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, KE is my favorite part of pharmacy school. Everyone in the fraternity represents what I think a pharmacist should be: caring, inclusive, in the field because they care about patients. I really would like to see our chapter grow and succeed as I think we have a lot to offer. 

So, we'll find out at the end of the week where we stand with members for next year. And while one of our biggest advantages is being small (with no politics or cliques) it is also a cause to worry at this time of year because we rely on new blood to carry the essence of KE onward. Thinking positive thoughts though because I know what a great crew KE has and I believe that good people attract good people. 

Ups & Downs and Living Life

06 February 2016

Grad school is a bunch of ups and downs. You will be on an emotional high one day and then dying from stress and anxiety the next day. My friend pointed out yesterday that we've only been back at school for under a month. That feels impossible. So many things have happened since winter break that I feel like we must be nearing finals. Nope! Not even close. 

Let's just use yesterday as an example here:
  • I walked into school at 9am and happened to run into one of my friends and chatted with him for a bit
  • I went to the library and buckled down to study
  • Had an MTM meeting at 11am
  • A capstone meeting at 12
  • Lunch with my girlfriends
  • An ICARE class from 1-3
  • Went shopping with Demi
  • Had dinner out 
  • Went to my best friend's gender reveal
  • Came home and chatted with my Brothers about their time at the Round Robin in Ashburn.
All in one day. Meanwhile everyone in my class is in this weird limbo about grades because the average grade on an exam we took the previous day was a failing grade. After a certain amount of time you just learn to roll with the punches.

But that was all in one day. And I cannot stress the tension that is looming in your life after a failing grade (which ended up getting a curve as big as our law exam). Granted, we knew our scores would go up because some questions were keyed incorrectly, but it is incredibly stressful in the intermittent time. 

Each day has that many highs and lows and then add up all the days in a week, followed by how many weeks into the semester we are. Then of course life moves on: two of my best friends are pregnant, game nights, events downtown, dinners, and Rush are all happening.

Life is exciting. It's stressful, but my days are so jam-packed that I know I'm going to look back and feel like I really lived. And that is an incredible feeling. 

Random Thoughts

02 February 2016

  • It feels so good to have two ICARE exams successfully under my belt
  • Wine and paint nights are even more fun at home than at a restaurant
  • I want to cut my hair (hence that short hair picture from a few years ago)
  • Rush is in one week and I feel both excited and anxious about it
  • Sometimes I brush off how busy I am, but now when I'm asked about events they nearly all fall on a day where I already have an event down and it's getting a little hard to juggle
  • I can't wait for Friday to find out the gender of Sam's baby!!
  • Sometimes you meet a person and feel like you could be best friends
  • It's hard to focus on exams when there are so many extracurricular activities that are going on
  • I miss summer
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