Humble & Kind

20 March 2016

This song has played on my radio nearly every day for a week and I think it'll be a long time before I get tired of it. In the midst of challenges, failures, and successes I think the feel of the song is very important. Working hard to climb your mountains, but being humble and kind in the end... 

Day Trips

13 March 2016

Yesterday Noah and I went to Washington DC for the day and had such a great time. We parked at the end of the Silver Line in Reston and took the metro into the city. We started off at the Library of Congress and toured the building and their exhibits before taking a tunnel to the Capitol Building. We watched a video on the history of congress before taking an hour long tour throughout the building, which we would highly recommend to everyone who is visiting. It was actually really fun (at least as adults) to go and see something new like the Capitol after having been to DC quite a number of times in our lives. Noah and I would both say that the tour was the highlight of the day. We walked down to the pond and then it started raining so we ran into the national botanical conservatory, which was actually a neat surprise. The building was filled with beautiful plants that thrive in different climates around America. We came back to town and enjoyed some Indian food for dinner before coming home to our animals. It was a great day and a much needed break from the realities of work and graduate school.

11 March 2016

"You may delay, but time will not." 
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