Drag Show

27 March 2017

Last night MB and I went to our first drag show with Will, a veteran. The Hideaway Cafe is a coffee shop in Winchester that hosts a variety of activities every month from action committees, writing workshops, to drag shows. The owner, Victoria, makes you feel like you are immediate friends upon your first visit and remembers you when you come back. The cafe is wonderful!

Will and I were joking with MB about our fraternity, Kappa Epsilon, and our mascot is the unicorn. It's well known that everyone in our fraternity gets along extremely well and is a hard worker. We are very proud of our brothers and our events and we get along like a family. It's a running joke that there's no way we can actually be that happy (we are!). So when this coloring book was discovered under our wine table we were in giggles.

Then the show started at 8pm and there were three queens and a king. Let me tell you, this was a show. It was so upbeat and so much fun! Their outfits were awesome! The energy was high! 

They exude confidence and charisma. We were having a blast watching and interacting with them. The show was sold out entirely (Will bought the very last ticket). 

I would 100% recommend going to a show if you're into this type of thing. You won't be disappointed with the evening! Just be ready to get interactive and scream your lungs out.

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