11 June 2017

It's interesting to me how different people communicate. Sometimes the way we respond to one another is so natural and easy, the conversation is innately engaging. Yet sometimes it feels like we are just skipping along the surface, not reaching thoughts of any true depth. I don't know if it ends up being that certain people are truly engaged and others are just faking sincerity, if being tired means you can't make the effort, and sometimes I think people really just don't know how to continue a conversation and show that they care. 

I'm trying to research it a bit. I like this TED talk with some basic conversational skills. This is actually one of those topics that I feel comes naturally for me, but I do think that for many people it takes a lot of focus and energy to stay in the conversation. 

"Listen with the intent to understand, not with the intent to reply." And for me personally it's as easy as being sincerely interested in people. 

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