17 August 2017

My grandpa is home safe from the hospital. The discharge diagnosis was an infection and he's on the appropriate antibiotics. It's great years. 89 years and he's fighting up a storm.

This week I started my research project with my friends. I can tell the data collection is going to be very tedious. It's good to get it started - posters are due on October 1st! I believe in us, but oh boy does that feel like some pressure.

Yesterday I found out that my R5 will be at the Veterans Affairs. I'm very excited! I loved my time during R2 there with my preceptor. It's great to get another hospital experience in before midyear, especially at a place that I'm considering for residency next year. 

This week I feel like I'm balancing a hundred things in my head. I met P1s at the pharmacy school for  an inter-fraternal lunch. I liked so many. Hopefully over the year they'll see what KE has to offer and Rush. This past Sunday I went kayaking with MB. I was going to lock Odin up in the house while we went, but some of Noah's cousins were there with dogs too so I decided to take Odin with me. I prefer that anyways! He did a great job on the kayak. Sometimes I thought he might just jump, but he held on like the brave pupper he is. 

There's pretty much only one week left at my rotation. Time is absolutely flying this year. What a joy it is to be done with didactic schooling! Speaking of school, Noah started back with the teachers yesterday and his kids will be coming in on Monday morning. It's that time of year. 

Okay, I'm heading off to clinic to work up some patients. Nearing the end of the week which means weekend more projects. 

ED Visit

15 August 2017

My grandpa was admitted to the ED two days in a row this past week. It's nothing as serious as a heart attack or stroke, but he's being admitted to the floor. 

My preceptor at my current clinic was very helpful with letting me leave to go see him. I couldn't get in touch with family when he was readmitted due to no cell phone service in that part of the hospital. It was a relief to be able to go visit to get informed, keep him company, and hear the medical information first hand. 

It's actually an odd experience. This is the first time since going through my pharmacy program that a family member has had this type of medical encounter. I feel less... helpless. Not that knowledge can solve every problem, some problems have no solution, but to be in a situation and understand every word the doctor says is so relieving. And honestly in a time when nothing but stress and worry abounds, it's nice to have any glimmer of a solid foundation. The ground was still under my feet. 

Grandpa is 89. He's definitely a trooper. He'll talk to you about his time in WWII in the navy, what he's seen of the world, his farm life, working for the government, playing tennis. He was cutting wood up until about two years ago. There was never a question for him about staying active... he was of a generation where every aspect of your life is work. You didn't go to the gym to work out, you took care of your house, your farm, and your family and that was enough of a work out. Life itself toughened you up. 

Sometimes our relationship catches a bit because of that. My family is not as close knit as others that I have met. You can count on them, but love in my family is shown through work and through tasks. Emotion isn't talked about. It's more - You need help fixing your water heater? You need to herd the cows? Let me help you mend that fence of yours. It's not how I typically show love; I wear my heart on my sleeve. But grandpa has a constant flow of people around him at the hospital. And I really like that after working in the ED and seeing how many people are alone. Not that someone can be there all the time, everyone needs to eat and take care of animals, children, etc. But it's nice to have the luxury of retired sons and a grandaughter nearby. 

No Place I'd Rather Be

13 August 2017

A very blurry turtle

On my days off and some evenings I really enjoy my time at Lake Saint Clair. It's been such a nice reprieve from the world - and my world is already pretty great. There is just something about being outdoors where all you hear are birds, wind, and the occasional fish jumping. It's peaceful and beautiful and makes my heart feel full. 

Game Nights

Gosh I love my friends. we had a game night at Hideaway Cafe and it was a blast. The owners are such great hosts and even provide games for you to check out. While our crew often does some rather complicated board games we opted for a few light-hearted ones like Uno this night. We also tried a new game called Obama Llama and loved it. It's a lot of rhyming and charades and you've got to be willing to act a little silly.

School is about to get started again for our P3s and I wish them luck, it's a tough year! P4 has been a blast so far; stress is at the lowest point it's ever been in pharmacy school and I feel so much more useful and knowledgeable. These breaks with friends are always the highlights of my week though!


04 August 2017

My days are filled with downpours and love. 


I was going through photos of Ocean City and scrolled just a few past and found this one. This is such a "nothing" photo, but I actually really like it. I had just gotten home from work and I was still in my scrubs. Immediately after sitting down I had a dog sitting on my feet and a cat that kept climbing from the table to my lap and vice versa.

It's little moments like this every day that I enjoy. Even as I write this post my dog is beside me. I'm listening to Marie Hines on spotify and just breathing in life as it is in this moment.

Ocean City

My sister's in-laws bought a condo in Ocean City. Noah, Kelsey, Ryan, and I stayed enjoyed a weekend together with a bay view.

It was lovely.

We took one evening and went to Bethany Beach. I have so many memories here from my time at family camp and CYF. It makes me excited to have kids one day to share these experiences with and pass on traditions. 

It was a little stormy while we visited, which limited beach time. Don't worry, I still got my annual burn lines. 

On our Saturday we went to the Dogfish Head Brewery and enjoyed samples of their beer.

We visited an interesting indoor putt putt course.

Of all the fun things we did including putt putt, the brewery, two towns, two boardwalks, the beach, flying kites... my favorite thing was just sitting on the porch with my family. I could take in that view forever.

Phone Dump

36 Questions

The 36 Questions to Fall in Love have ignited several of my friendships. I think "falling in love" is a misnomer as the questions allow you to strengthen the bond with anyone in your life, not just with a romantic partner. 

The questions were a psychology experiment of sorts. Two strangers were randomly assigned to each other and were asked to discuss the questions, in order, with one another. There are three sets of questions and they progress from more abstract towards more personal and intimate. 

While doing these questions with my friends (usually covering five or so questions over coffee for two hours) I've found that these questions naturally branch off into organic conversation. My advice would be 1) use these questions as a tool to feel more comfortable and intimate with someone important to you and 2) don't be afraid to go "off topic". Use the questions as a launching point, not an ending point. If you ask a question, listen to your partner's answer. If you have a natural follow up question, ask. Ask them how it made them feel. Ask why they responded how they did. Was there a hesitation in their response? Did they smile? Frown? Did their voice warm as they talked about their experience?

Conversation and connection can be found in all of our relationships, if we have the time and emotional intimacy to put into them. The beauty of these questions is it gives your meeting a purpose of sorts, especially if you're meeting with a friend who doesn't always delve into personal feelings. 

I hope they bring you joy like they've brought to me. 
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