Ocean City

04 August 2017

My sister's in-laws bought a condo in Ocean City. Noah, Kelsey, Ryan, and I stayed enjoyed a weekend together with a bay view.

It was lovely.

We took one evening and went to Bethany Beach. I have so many memories here from my time at family camp and CYF. It makes me excited to have kids one day to share these experiences with and pass on traditions. 

It was a little stormy while we visited, which limited beach time. Don't worry, I still got my annual burn lines. 

On our Saturday we went to the Dogfish Head Brewery and enjoyed samples of their beer.

We visited an interesting indoor putt putt course.

Of all the fun things we did including putt putt, the brewery, two towns, two boardwalks, the beach, flying kites... my favorite thing was just sitting on the porch with my family. I could take in that view forever.

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