You may have read my post about my aspirations for the next 1001 days.  I got the idea from Cafe Chick (check her out here).

The site you should be checking out if you're interested is Day Zero Project.

Date Started: January 5, 2011
Date to be Completed: October 5, 2013

  1. Take one photo every day (edit: for a month)
  2. Do one random act of kindness each week
  3. Travel to the UK
  4. Host/Take part in a progressive dinner
  5. Take Swing Dance Lessons
  6. Visit Charleston, SC {Honeymoon}
  7. Stay on Skyline Drive overnight
  8. Go to a concert {Trans-Siberian Orchestra}
  9. Read 2 books a month
  10. Attend a Renaissance Fair
  11. See New York City
  12. Be on the radio
  13. Play the piano
  14. Visit at least 3 museums in Washington, DC that I have not visited yet {1, 2, 3}
  15. Be awesome at making at least one baked goodie
  16. Eat at least one new food {or at a new place} each week 
  17. Learn how to use Photoshop
  18. Adopt an animal from the SPCA {completed November 1, 2012}
  19. Attend a yoga class {completed January 17, 2011}
  20. Learn to shuffle cards
  21. Make more coffee than I buy {marked off June 29, 2011}
  22. Host a giveaway {completed January 12, 2011}
  23. Read a biography {read Bossypants}
  24. Buy an e-reader {completed January 7, 2011}
  25. Shop on etsy {completed April 7, 2011}
  26. Become CPR certified
  27. Find 100 geocaches
  28. Start each morning with some beauty
  29. Take part in the 1000 Cranes Mission. {At least 5 cranes - Crane 1 accomplished}
  30. Workout at least three times a week 
  31. Do yoga once a week 
  32. Learn a new instrument
  33. Do more DIY projects
  34. Build up a fashion style
  35. Make a google map envelope
  36. Ask 10 friends what their favorite books are and read them
  37. Learn a craft (knitting, crochet, weaving, etc.)
  38. Start a weekly series on the blog
  39. Put aside $5 for each goal I achieve
  40. Take a train ride
  41. Go to the zoo
  42. Lose weight {135 goal weight}
  43. Host a dinner party
  44. Eat one fruit a day (edit: for a month)
  45. Buy an item from Ruche
  46. Do a thorough spring cleaning
  47. Donate old clothes
  48. Get professional pictures done {completed June 22}
  49. Discover more outdoor locations that are beautiful
  50. Hike Old Rag
  51. Take pictures by a waterfall {completed January 19, 2013}
  52. Have a firefly catching competition {completed June 19}
  53. Go on a canoe or rafting journey
  54. Do a quirky photoshoot (mustaches/clothes/everything!)
  55. Find at least three new locations in the area that are fun {1, 2, 3}
  56. Learn how to sew
  57. Bike along a canal
  58. Get married 
  59. Get a Masters Degree
  60. Go on a horseback ride
  61. Don't eat processed foods for one week
  62. Canoe in Cypress Gardens where The Notebook was filmed {Complete}
  63. Tutor or find a way to get more involved in the local schools
  64. Go snow tubing
  65. Make rainbow cupcakes. 
  66. Get a manicure
  67. Make a budget at least every two weeks
  68. Plan meals in advance
  69. Cook at least two meals a week (not microwave!)
  70. Send letters/emails/videos on a weekly basis to family at home
  71. Only use a reusable mug when getting coffee
  72. Go to a waterpark
  73. Plant a garden {completed May 22, 2011}
  74. Make a homemade jam/jelly
  75. Send more mail, in the old fashioned manner
  76. Make macarons
  77. Make cake pops {completed September 10, 2011}
  78. Host a brunch with friends
  79. For a week, eat only local foods
  80. Go tubing on a river
  81. Make my own sangria
  82. Learn how to set up a wireless router {completed June 19}
  83. Take engagement photos {completed June 22}
  84. Create a cute picnic
  85. See my sister once a month 
  86. Donate items or food to the SPCA
  87. Go on a morning or evening walk every day for at least a week
  88. Submit a recipe to a cookbook
  89. Build at least two outfits from a thrift store shopping spree
  90. Grow my hair out to at least six inches past my shoulders
  91. Take a photography class
  92. Host an event at home at least once a month (game night, cookout, etc.)
  93. Build a book of advice about marriage (from an older generation)
  94. Use the slow cooker (completed September 2011)
  95. See my grandparents once a month
  96. Play with water balloons
  97. Visit Bethany Beach, DE
  98. Make a memory book of my mom (photos & written memories)
  99. Create my own jewelry (a constant W.I.P., but crossed of September 2011)
  100. Find a job
  101. Host a tasting (wine, cheese, cookie, or other)

Please feel welcome to list some of your own goals, how you achieve your goals, or advice on any of mine! Thanks for your support!

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