About Me

Hello! Here's a little info about me. I'm currently pursuing a PharmD and feel so lucky to be in school for a career that I think can make a difference in this world. I have a cat, Artemis, and a dog, Odin, who make up my furry family. I met my husband when we were in high school band. My friends are my family whether they are a streets down from me or living in a different country and I rely on them. In my free time (hah, free time as a pharmacy student?) I enjoy taking Odin to the dog park, taking pictures, developing a program (for church or a club), and blogging.

I love being outdoors and my two favorite places to be are 1) on the water and 2) in the mountains. Above I am in the Pacific Ocean for the first time. As an east coast girl it can be difficult make cross country trips, but I absolutely love to travel. Experiencing something or some place new makes me feel alive. Below I'm kayaking on the Puget Sound in Seattle, which probably ranks in the top five experiences of my life so far. 

Random facts about me:
I've been a Virginian my whole life (minus one year that I don't talk about).
My dog is my obsession. 
Sweet tea is my weakness.
In high school my life was about band. College it was volunteering. Now I'm still deciding what makes me, well, me. 
I don't like heights.
I love traveling, but hate traveling by roads for long trips. 
I'm a great singer I swear... but somehow only in the shower and the car.
The best evening is spent around a campfire making smores.
Summer is magical. So is everything you can do in the summer. 
You couldn't pay me enough to go out in high heels. 
Only recently have I decided to brave some roller coasters.
I can't think of a sport I'm remotely interested in... Wait, does quidditch count?
I've driven a van since I was 16 and I'm hoping for an SUV when this old girl dies. Update: I'm driving a Soul.
There's nowhere I'd rather be than on the water.

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