101 in 1001 worked pretty well for me a few years ago and I'd love to get a list going again.  It's a way to fit 101 goals in during 1001 days. Everyone who knows me understands that I make many lists of goals for myself, from groceries to daily "to do" lists, and even to bucket lists... I've got a plethora of things that motivate me on my plate. 

Start date: July 5, 2015
End date: January 1, 2018
  1. Visit a different country.
  2. Do an agility trial with Odin.
  3. Apply for a residency.
  4. Try paintball.
  5. Take a dance class.
  6. Hike old rag.
  7. Paint the kitchen.
  8. Lose 15 pounds.
  9. Make a weekly podcast (keep up with it for 6 months) - started in July
  10. Visit NYC
  11. Kayak on the Shenandoah
  12. Learn how to use a sewing machine
  13. Go on a horseback ride
  14. Go on a morning/evening walk every day for a week
  15. Do a 5k
  16. Find 200 geocaches (currently at 166)
  17. Fly a kite
  18. Go to a new museum in DC
  19. Run 30 miles in 30 days
  20. Try meditating every day for a week
  21. Tubing on the river
  22. Find a fashion style
  23. Grow my hair past my chest
  24. Make homemade dog treats
  25. Kayak in the Atlantic
  26. Stay on a house boat
  27. Practice budget for baby (how much $$ are we talking anyways?)
  28. Make a piano bench cover
  29. Paint the kitchen cabinets
  30. Pick fruit
  31. Do a corn maze
  32. Make cake pops (legit ones)
  33. Take a pole fitness class
  34. Go all out for a holiday
  35. Be a mom
  36. Be an aunt
  37. Take a weekend trip
  38. Read "Is everyone hanging out without me?"

*List still in progress

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